A Difficult Sentence

Most of the different theories of language instruction floating around teach a second language in the same way: with reference to one’s first language. The first language is acquired without reference to any other language at all; the second is acquired in reference to the first. As much trouble as I’ve had learning Greek, it … More A Difficult Sentence

“Nothing in excess”

I’ve been writing a post forever on burnout – a rather serious condition, and one that I wanted to warn my students about – but I am by now burnt out even thinking about it.  Too much of a good thing does you no good.  Μηδὲν ἄγαν, as someone said.  Superflua nocent.  The other night I decided to give myself some … More “Nothing in excess”

Workplace climate review at VQR

CHE reports that the University of Virginia, which is already auditing VQR’s financial operations, intends to conduct a managament review of the magazine as well:  “The untimely death of Kevin Morrissey … has raised questions about the university’s response to employees’ concerns about the workplace climate in the VQR office,” UVa’s new president, Teresa A. Sullivan, said … More Workplace climate review at VQR