Workplace climate review at VQR

CHE reports that the University of Virginia, which is already auditing VQR’s financial operations, intends to conduct a managament review of the magazine as well: 

“The untimely death of Kevin Morrissey … has raised questions about the university’s response to employees’ concerns about the workplace climate in the VQR office,” UVa’s new president, Teresa A. Sullivan, said in a written statement. “I therefore am announcing that we will be undertaking a thorough review of VQR‘s operations. […] The review will, I hope, provide a factual basis for understanding this workplace and deciding what corrective actions, if any, the university should undertake.”

Ted Genoways has declined allegations that he bullied Kevin Morrissey before Morrissey’s suicide.  Apparently, however, there is some rift between Genoways and other staff members at VQR:

But people close to the review say Mr. Morrissey’s death has not put an end to tension between VQR staff members and Mr. Genoways. After the suicide, the staff members believe they were told they would be putting together the upcoming fall issue on their own, without Mr. Genoways, who is on leave on a Guggenheim fellowship. But this week, people close to the review said, Mr. Genoways submitted to the review’s design company a completely different version of the fall issue, with a different cover, than the one staff members had been working on. Now, say people close to the review, the staff members are threatening to take their names off the masthead.

 As they say – wherever there’s a smoke…  For a detailed report on what people say went on at VQR, click here (thanks to cvillenews for the link).


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