Where have you been, esteemed Noontide?

On the Silver and Black Pride blog, of course, publishing like a maniac.  Here is an excerpt from his latest piece:

Growing up in the Northwest as Raider fan during the dark ages blew. See, I am one of those old timers that grew up with computers containing only information I had entered into them. This left me surrounded by Seahawk news. It is a marvel that I persevered.

Once Al Gore invented the internet, things started quickly improving, but I remember thinking then that all I wanted was to read stories in the *newspaper about the Raiders. I searched for ways to get more Raider news.

*newspapers were pieces of paper, origamicly folded, with ink on them. They were hand delivered to houses and contained yesterday’s news.

I used to save my money and get a monthly Raider mailer. These were put out by the team and let’s just say were a little biased. For example, I thought Todd Marinovich was going to be the kind of leader the team needed to solidify its commitment to excellence. 

I would also spend eight bucks on magazines like Lindy’s football preview so I could read a page or two on the Raiders off season and find what others had predicted for their future. These were big ticket items to a pre-teen and looking back on it now, contained a laughable quality of information.

My how the times have changed. I can essentially get minute by minute updates on the happenings of my favorite team. What a wonderful and overwhelming world. I am like a kid in a candy store. Now I just have to learn how to eat all of this candy without exploding.

That’s just the preamble.  Noontide has a way with news, as you’ll find out if you click on the link.  My ownly complaint is that he still publishes them the day after.


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