My War with Everyone’s Favorite Foe, the GRE

In Latin, of course…

Curam magnam de bello habebam. Cur timebam? Cum studio et diligentia laborabam, sed etenim animus non erat liber. Serva facto misero eram. Inimica GRE-i eram. Cum facto pugnabam, sed superabar.

Sine ira et cura, domina animi ero. Cum armis bonis, cogito posse superare. Imperium et sapientiam habeo iubere, sed GRE-m timeo. Mox, sine mora, gloriam habebo!

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10 thoughts on “My War with Everyone’s Favorite Foe, the GRE

  1. GRE, GRE – I just yearn to fight with thee! (Repeat x2)
    GRE, you look too grizzly –
    that’s why you begin with g-rr-r.
    But on second glance, you’re weasly,
    too much noise, too little Burr!
    GRE, GRE – I’d just love to fight with thee!
    (Flamenco guitar drowns the growling.)

  2. Victoria will leave the GRE battlefield strewn with large words and mathematical equations. Waving its white flag, the GRE will finally give up, declaring Victoria the winner of the war. A hard battle it was, and while she admits the GRE to be a valiant contender, it will still be no match for Vic the Mighty. She will leave the GRE test as no longer simply Victoria. She is now VICTORIOUS!

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