This is NOT JaMarcus Russell’s blog, Burr!

Update: Everything is back to normal now.  Thanks, Burr, for the speedy correction!
If you don’t already know it, JaMarcus Russell is the infamous quarterback the Raiders finally released this offseason.  I am a Raiders fan and find the topic of JaMarcus lingeringly intriguing, because he reminds me of some students I’ve had.  Burr Leonard, on the other hand, as I’ve mentioned before, is the founder of the Bar Method.  Burr has an exercise blog where I am a subscriber.  I already had certain issues with the way she runs the blog (e.g., there is no real discussion and some comments never get published), but today I feel compelled to bring to your attention something she just wrote in her latest post:
By systematically strengthening all three muscles groups that run through the knees – the calf muscle, the quads, and the hamstrings – Bar Method students keep them strong and pain free, which may be especially important for runners or participants in other high impact sports. Here’s part of a blog from JaMarcus Russell, an American football quarterback, that I happened to run across...
 I add the emphasis because then Burr not only quotes from the About Rali page on this blog but specifically says it’s JR’s blog:
“My current fitness obsession is The Bar Method.  Check out Burr Leonard’s Exercise blog at  I have Burr’s two CDs and do the workouts at home.  At one point I plan to sign up for classes too – the studio is comfortably close to the Embarcadero Bart station in San Francisco.  The effect on my abs and lower back is astonishing, and my genetically weak knees do not bother me anymore.” (Click here to read JaMarcus Russell’s his entire blog.)  
How she decided I was JaMarcus Russell I don’t know.  Because I really like her workouts, I’m gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and blame it on the associates who do “research” for her.  They must be employing some speedy sight-misreading techniques.

4 thoughts on “This is NOT JaMarcus Russell’s blog, Burr!

  1. I’d be insulted too. But, 18 hours after Burr published, she edited out how JaMarcuss Russell used her DVDs of bar-method to rehabilitate his knee (?). The title still shows up on the internet with humorous material * but the article linked to it is revised.

    * “Jun 28, 2010 … JaMarcus Russell, an American football quarterback, talks about how The Bar Method Exercise DVDs have helped his knees.…/EXERCISE-AND-EVOLUTION-“

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