Lie to Tim Roth…

…and he’ll catch you.  Now this is a worthy project – to become fluent in the tiniest fleeting microexpressions, courtesy of your most neglected facial and upper-back muscles.  Tim Roth mumbles, and at times I wish I had the subtitles for the hearing impaired, but the idea behind the show is magnificent: your body tells the story your mind and tongue attempt to hide.  A magnificent polyphony we are!

Here is the link to the show’s site.  Pardon me, I just discovered that on the right side of the screen, you have captions option – so, Tim Roth, I’m gonna read every word you utter from now on!


3 thoughts on “Lie to Tim Roth…

  1. All shows featuring Brit accents, i.e. half of what’s playing on PBS (Life on Mars, Foyle’s War, certainly Prime Suspect) should have subtitles on by default. Oh, and The Wire.

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