Headache’s rewards

I had a horrendous headache last night, and as it happens during those headaches, my thinking slowed down and certain connections became crystal-clear.  I am much better now, so let me record one of my headache-induced insights before it completely slips back into the fog.

I often fail to finish my sentences, which drives certain people crazy.  The fragments range from “maybe we should…” to a mere “but…”  My thought processes continue though, and sometimes I’ll blurb out a later chunk that makes perfect sense to me but baffles my audiences.  Now, if someone patiently asks me what lies behind my verbalized fragments, s/he is usually rewarded with a lucid explication thereof, after which a delightful discussion may commence. 

It became vividly clear to me last night that my students could be similarly baffled when they attempt to read Latin and Greek without knowing the words or the grammar.  And because they feel compelled to come up with a translation, the results are similar to my own translation here.

So – was that an accurate (albeit rapid) depiction of what happens to you, or am I still plagued by Headache?

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3 thoughts on “Headache’s rewards

  1. I like your analogy. Although it has been some time since I have attempted learning another language. I speak American, Damn it. Everyone else should too! But aside from the translation block from language to language, I think this happens even when communicating in the same language.

    People are so different and have experienced such different realities that same word can come to mean completely different things. For instance someone may try to explain their feelings to someone else, but that person may have never experienced anything like that feeling and would relate the words used to describe those feelings in the context of what they have felt.

    Your post also reminded me of a cool quote by Jim Morrison: “I have a splitting headache, from which the future is made.”

    Also, I never knew why Jack Bauer slept with a night light on. It makes perfect sense now 🙂

    1. I totally agree, Darkness is Afraid of Jack Bauer, and only those who’ve met him can understand Darkness’ feelings.

      By the way, I had missed the reference to blue balls in your post because I didn’t know the expression. Had it not been brought to my attention, I’d never even think of checking. Now I not only know what it means, but also see how misperception about the color of pain was instrumental in its genesis.

      Blue balls is the slang term for a congested prostate or vasocongestion, the condition of temporary fluid congestion in the testicles and prostate region caused by prolonged sexual arousal in the human male…. [It] is misconceptionally believed to have the symptom of a blue tinged scrotum (from the notion that blue equals pain, as in a bruise or black eye, which can also appear blue).

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