Views from the Gutter

I never spent much time dreaming about the future and even less reminiscing on the past. It all just seemed like a distraction, like wishing for something that I didn’t have. I’ll learn from where we’ve been to help me get to where I want to go, but it seems useless to pretend I am somewhere I most certainly am not. I am not anywhere, but here.

There are paths to illusions and like a hamster running it’s wheel, we can move without moving. As with most things, almost everyone participates in these activities in some form or another and to greatly varying degrees and in greatly varying venues.

And, as with most things, this may be the most pronounced when looking at sex. From the simple to the elaborate, people find various ways to entertain a fantasy. It may be looking at a playboy or watching porn, or going to a strip club, but whatever it is—it’s just another unsustainable short cut to try and fill the void.

It is this belief, which leads me to view the common perception of the participants in such activities as ridiculous and once you start observing a situation as such, it usually leads to even more ridiculous ridiculousness.

People tend to believe that stripping is demeaning towards women. The only explanation for this is that the sexually unfulfilled male has carved out common perception. Strip away the bias of judgments and look at the actions for what they actually are and…behold, the Theater of the Absurd.

Let the stripping begin—literally, we’ll start with the strippers. Who has the power in these scenarios? Is it the person throwing money around? “Here ya go pretty lady. Have some money. I have too much of it and I love it when my balls are a pretty shade of blue and the bluer you can make ‘em, the more of this here money you’ll be procuring for yourself.”

I know this relationship is not limited to male customer and female stripper, but for purposes here I shall refer to it as such. The guy, either believing he is impressing the woman or is just so horny at this point he can’t stop, keeps giving the woman money. At this point, the guy can’t think of anything else, but having sex with this woman. Yet, unless she is willing to sell her body and he has enough money, it is not going to happen. So, roughly 95% of the time, the guy is going to leave broke and sexually frustrated while the lady is going to leave well paid, because she has mastered the natural charms of her body.

“But…but” you may be saying, “it objectifies the woman.” Sure, but who the fuck cares? I don’t think any of these women are under any illusions as to why they are making money. They are objectified in the same way any of us are when we trade our services for money.

The women objectify the man, too and they do so only for his money. At what point does a guy saying, “I have to give you money to take off your clothes for me,” lead people to the conclusion that the women is the one subjecting herself to anything.

Almost everyone hands over his or her power in some way for the almighty dollar. The principle inherent in the agreement of the previous mentioned transaction asserts that the lady would never take her clothes off for the guy unless he paid her, while the guy would most assuredly get naked at the drop of a hat. The woman has all the power in this situation. The longer the women can prolong this dance, the more money that woman is going to make.

Then there are those that go beyond stripping and buy or sell sex. Now, this begins to blur the lines of wishing and reality as it is actively turning it into a reality. At least then the men that are paying to get something besides sexual frustration, but this is another area in which the noses are turned up or pity is cast first and foremost in the direction of the one selling the goods. Um…?

A man goes out in search of sex, because he either has no one to have it with or does not want to deal with the person he has been having it with, or just wants a new person to have it with—so, he solicits the services of the prostitute.  He then typically pays much more money per minute then he makes to have meaningless sex with a stranger—a stranger that wants nothing to do with him, but everything to do with his money. He has scratches the irresistible itch of his bodily needs, finishes, and then gets hurried off. He is left with less money, a lightened sexual appetite and probably a little regret.

Both people involved just had meaningless sex, but one got paid and the other paid. I am not trying to place any value judgment here on prostitutes (I don’t have the inclination to get into that discussion here) other than to say it is better to be the prostitute than the John. Ahh society, beautiful and wonderful society, the lunacy has just begun.

Having sex for money is not limited to prostitution. There is another and far more despicable form of sex for money prevalent in this society and that is people who marry for money. Prostitutes make no lies about their intentions, nor do they forgo any sense of finding true love. Money hungry wives have chosen money over love and honesty. “’Til death do us part, or until divorce suits me better financially.” Simply put that is a crime against life, but not as much in public opinion and not at all in the court of law.

To top off this lunacy we have to go to the long arm of society, the government and their laws. People involved in money for sex transactions are criminals. Two willing parties enter a joint venture with agreed upon terms and their actions do not directly come at the detriment of others. Yet all involved are criminals nonetheless.

Here is where I contemplated doing some research on these numbers to help illustrate how silly this is and here is where I thought, this is silly, does it need further illustration? Why waste my time? Well, my friends, I compromised, here is a link to the first thing I saw on the costs of enforcing this law. Sure enough, that link further affirmed my assertions of silliness. While the example is dated, I doubt much has changed. In 1994, the city of San Francisco spent over 7.6 million on the enforcement of this law. Chump change to the rich state of California, but still a big chunk of money.

To push the lunacy towards Carrot Top levels, this law is really only enforced in places that have been made an interest to be “cleaned up.” If this activity weren’t illegal in the first place, it wouldn’t be dirtying the areas that needed cleaning. Not only would the government be saving money on enforcement, but it would also have a huge new source of taxable money. Think about that. The new health care plan is going to be paid for largely based off of increased taxes on tanning and junk food and this is just a slight increase.

This is a whole new source, which could be taxed to the highest percentages without meeting much resistance on that front. I am thinking this would generate enough money for the government to give free health care, run and maintain all parks, build a city on Mars and decrease school class sizes.

Give the people involved in this their dignity back and give the women the protection of not having to work in the back alleys for pimps. Give all the parties involved the happy endings they so desperately long for.

And me…give me what I have, because that is all I need.

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12 thoughts on “Views from the Gutter

  1. O the jolt! Here is a recent SF news:

    A half-page ad, addressed to Craigslist founder Craig Newmark in Wednesday’s San Francisco Chronicle, calls for Craigslist to discontinue its adult services section, which generated $36 million in revenues this year, and included the experiences of two teenage girls who said they were forced into prostitution via Craigslist, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Thursday.
    Craigslist Chief Executive Officer Jim Buckmaster said his company is the only one that tries to curtail prostitution, using methods such as reviewing every ad, asking users to report suspicious activity and supporting law enforcement sweeps and stings.
    “We’d like to do even more, and my door remains open to experts from advocacy groups and law enforcement with ideas on how we can improve,” Buckmaster said.

  2. The degree of freedom anyone has in any society is qualified and unstable. America, a country that extols itself as the ‘home of the free,’ qualifies a citizen’s freedom with volumes of prohibitions. The principles underlying the numberless curbs on freedom are often incomprehensible – unlesss one is cynical and considers political motivations. Consider prostitution. As the author indicated, the choice to engage in this behavior, while morally reprehensible, is between freely consenting adults. Why would the government intercede in that private arraignment when it does not intercede in something more serious, say for example abortion? Does the prostitute have less say in what she does with her body than a pregnant woman in her late 2nd trimester? Is there any more of a victim in the prostitution business than there is in the abortion industry?
    This nation was settled by puritans who held heretical views about sex and the human body. In brief, these unhappy souls believed that sex was a necessary evil for progeny and sexual pleasure was a mark of original sin. Well, these twisted ideas warped the fabric of this country and, I would not doubt, has led to an increase of prostitution due to repression and misunderstanding of sexuality.
    As for abortion, the Church (on the principle of a human being’s right to life) has always been opposed to it. I’ll note that, without being inconsistent, the Church permits (does not condemn) a fetus to die in cases where it is a threat to the mother’s life. The latter exception comes under another principle, i.e. the principle of self-defense.
    Back to the good o’l U.S.A.; are there any principles left in American jurisprudence that transcend politics? I seriously doubt it.

    1. What about Justice Kennedy, the infamous wishy-washy moderate, as the media presents him? Frank Colucci has argued otherwise. For reviews of his book, see this and that link. I’ve read several of his opinions, and also his 2003 speech to the ABA (will post the link shortly) and am struck at his insistence on free will and liberty.

    2. Irruptor: Interesting about the heretical Protestant views on sex as the basis for sexual repression. Catholics have been famous for large families, even before contraception gained widespread acceptance among Protestants. Surely this contradicts the view of Catholics as prudish on sex. It’s also interesting that not only did the puritanical Protestant movement produce sexual repression, but liberal Protestant theology, which takes the concept of sola scriptura to the extreme, has been responsible for the collapse of sexual morality as well.

      1. Thank you again Monty Python: I have no idea how to do links on this site.

        There are Jews in the world.
        There are Buddhists.
        There are Hindus and Mormons, and then
        There are those that follow Mohammed, but
        I’ve never been one of them.

        I’m a Roman Catholic,
        And have been since before I was born,
        And the one thing they say about Catholics is:
        They’ll take you as soon as you’re warm.

        You don’t have to be a six-footer.
        You don’t have to have a great brain.
        You don’t have to have any clothes on. You’re
        A Catholic the moment Dad came,


        Every sperm is sacred.
        Every sperm is great.
        If a sperm is wasted,
        God gets quite irate.

        Let the heathen spill theirs
        On the dusty ground.
        God shall make them pay for
        Each sperm that can’t be found.

        Every sperm is wanted.
        Every sperm is good.
        Every sperm is needed
        In your neighbourhood.

        Hindu, Taoist, Mormon,
        Spill theirs just anywhere,
        But God loves those who treat their
        Semen with more care.

        Every sperm is sacred.
        Every sperm is great.
        If a sperm is wasted,…
        …God gets quite irate.

        Every sperm is sacred.
        Every sperm is good.
        Every sperm is needed…
        …In your neighbourhood!

        Let the Pagan spill theirs
        O’er mountain, hill, and plain.
        God shall strike them down for
        Each sperm that’s spilt in vain.

        1. Ah yes, *that* song. We laugh now, but when the Brits have contracepted themselves out of existence and the Muslims rule the isle, you won’t be hearing much Python on those shores. Look at Prince Charles nearly recommending conversion to Islam–won’t be long now.

        2. Enjoyed the video (below) of this tour de force poem. I’d somehow lived my life without every having heard it. Once the young soloist begins her part, I was cracking up throughout.
          I hope the Brits pull it together, they’ve given the world a lot for their size.

  3. Speaking of prostitution in the wider sense of the word, he-whose-name-must-not-be-mentioned, aka JaMarcus Russell, the Raiders’ former 1st-round draft pick QB, is a paradigmatic example. If you don’t know of him, you should revisit Google – the guy is a metaphorical prostitute in more sense than one. I feel really sorry for him.

    1. I think I may put him more in the marry for money type. Although now that he has been dumped, I can see him quickly falling to the street walker variety. I feel sorry for him, too and even though he let down my favorite sports franchise, I hope he turns his life around before the window has closed and he is overwhelmed by regret.

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