Problem-Based Learning: 12

“12 Angry Men” – the perfect example of PBL.  I loved the Henry Fonda film and was shocked when the Tony Soprano version  didn’t disappoint me.  Now there is a Russian knock-off.  The name is “12.”

Last night I was searching for Bulgarian movies on Netflix.  Long story short, you can’t find Bulgarian movies on Netflix, which astonishes me, since some of those  would be blockbusters.  So Russian movies was the next best thing.  12 came up.  It’s a long movie, almost three hours, and we watched only half of it last night; will resume it shortly. 

The take is exquisite, never mind the factual inaccuracies.  Here is a scene from the movie – the dance of the boy who will later be accused of killing his step-father:


One thought on “Problem-Based Learning: 12

  1. Has anyone else seen the Russian film? If so, what did you think? If not, go see it so that you can tell me what you thought.

    Actually, I am more interested in discussions as means toward understanding. I am not talking about pro forma discussions.

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