Hello, people!

(This greeting, spoken with a particular intonation, should be familiar to some of you.)

ChristoTechne is the name of the tutoring business I just registered.  My own name is Rali.  Christo is the name of my father, and “techne” is a Greek word which loosely translates as “art.”  I am almost done designing my website (this has been my mantra for three days now), but really, the website is practically ready to go, and I am just playing with it a little longer.

ChristoTechne’s present focus is on teaching dead languages to interested growing- and grown-ups.  It sounds macabre but with me as your guide it won’t be.  I have other plans about the business as well and will resort to divulging them after some more percolation. (OK, eventually I want to engage children from the inner cities but have no idea yet how to do it.  Feel free to advise.)

A few words about me (a writer’s block befalls me…). 

I am a transplant (from Bulgaria, via Japan).  The San Francisco Bay Area has been my home since 1993.  UC Berkeley claims me as an alumna.  My teaching experience spans over continents and centuries.

The picture on the right also appears on my soon-to-be-published website, where you will find information about my take on teaching, the lessons I offer, specials, and other such things.  This blog will serve as a supplement to the website.  When I figure out how, I will integrate them.  Stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Hello, people!

  1. Good work! I’ve been waiting for a Dead-languages blog for centuries and now I have even more motivation to get my Greek & Latin into high-gear. As luck would have it, I am also an avid Raiders fan. Perhaps, with general JaMarcus deposed, the Silver & Black will have a better shot for a winning season.
    Vale! Professor

  2. Exactly. Where do I enlist? I want to work for the pope (special agent for covert missions – if you’re wondering) so, at any rate, my Latin must be impeccable. Some of my assignments may take me to Constantinople in the capacity of his holiness’s nuncio and general emissary of the see to the varies schismatic eastern churches. Thus, my ancient Greek must also be invincible.

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